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Some people have asked where I download my items from, but I am really bad at writing down and remembering where I get everything from.  I am the type of person who sees something I like and just downloads it.  I am trying to go back and figure out where some of the items came from so this is a work in progress and will be updated as I find items.

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I have a few new sims for download
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I have two weeks vacation, so I started a new neighborhood called Bonita Island (Tiki Island Map).

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I'm still decorating the island, and I haven't built any community lots yet (I kinda suck at building them). I just have one family move in so far, I want to try to play each family for a week (sim time) and see how that works out.

My first house is the Ried House.  My version of a "beach house", but there really isn't a beach to go with it.

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I really liked the way I decorated the set for the photo shoot I did for the Rocker challenge at Sims 2 Supernova so before I destroyed it tonight I decided to take a few pictures of it.

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This is Jesse, I made him for the Rocker challenge at Sims 2 Supernova.

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I created Annis for a BPS' Create-A-Sim.  I had a lot of fun doing her photo shoot, haven't had a chance to play with my sims for a while.

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I can not wait to see this:

(On a side note: Stupid Steelers!!!)
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I downloaded the Megahood about six months ago but really have not had time to explore it, but I did this weekend.  I'm starting with the Broke house.  I have never really played maxis characters, but so far I am having fun. 

I changed their house into 3 bedrooms (very small bedrooms but hey they are on a budget).

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I have a new simmie, her name is Andraste.  She is actually the personal assistant to a business sim named Sigurd. 

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