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Some people have asked where I download my items from, but I am really bad at writing down and remembering where I get everything from.  I am the type of person who sees something I like and just downloads it.  I am trying to go back and figure out where some of the items came from so this is a work in progress and will be updated as I find items.

Ikea Recolors and Add-ons:

Piggi's Sims

Huge Lunatic

Ashleydoom (BlackPearl Sims)


Club Crimsyn

Niaolong's Maxis Grungy Project - my sweet home tokyo

Twisted Fate Maxis Grungy Objects

Mine Silent Hill Set by Aviolina

Wirelessguy Maxis Grungy Objects

Fairywitch's Sims

Live Journal & Dreamwidth

BagFran/Curious B


Nocturnal Sims

Bon Voyage Collectible Poster Add ons and Recolors

Karaskaras and Clutter-a-holic's addons

Little Ladies by Grito's Sims

Recolors by Linacherie

Recolors by nonsensica

Recolors by mangnoliae

Recolors by ashleydoom

Recolors by lpvinyl21

Recolors by lpvinyl21 II

Recolors by CrazyTulip

Recolors by Vivian (The Underworld)

Recolors by CuriousB [bagfran] (Post #247)

Recolors by Lime Love

I know there is more of them (because I have over 400 in my folder), if I remember where I downloaded them from I'll add them to the list.

Garden of Shadows (please look through each of these sections - I download 80% of my stuff from here)

Figments of Imagination

Old Wood and Dead Metal