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Pleasantview Megahood: Broke House

I downloaded the Megahood about six months ago but really have not had time to explore it, but I did this weekend.  I'm starting with the Broke house.  I have never really played maxis characters, but so far I am having fun. 

I changed their house into 3 bedrooms (very small bedrooms but hey they are on a budget).

Brandy's Mato

Brandy post make-over (I think she is pretty, even with the bags under her eyes)

... see even Dustin helps out  (actually Dustin is a pretty good big brother.  Since Brandy has had a horrible pregnancy Dustin has really been picking up the slack.  He makes sure that Beau is bathed and fed.  When he gets home from school/work he sits and reads to him.)

Beau has a weird obsession with the cow doll.  (very weird obsession!)

I forgot to take a pictures of Dustin :-(

But he did get busted for trying to sneak out!

and instead of going to bed, he went to play on the computer

She remain a infant for about a day, they are just too boring.

Dustin did get his first kiss....

and on a side note, I think my game is trying to kill Dustin.  He got electrocuted trying to fix the TV, and then he got struck by lightening while doing the Sim Smustle outside (I really have no idea why he was doing the Sim Smustle outside, but he was).