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I have a few new sims for download
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This is Jesse, I made him for the Rocker challenge at Sims 2 Supernova.

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I created Annis for a BPS' Create-A-Sim.  I had a lot of fun doing her photo shoot, haven't had a chance to play with my sims for a while.

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I have a new simmie, her name is Andraste.  She is actually the personal assistant to a business sim named Sigurd. 

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Below are some simlish humor posters.  The original images are from All Poster.  I decided I wanted them in my game so I changed them to simlish. There are 13 posters and the mesh (by bienchen83) is included with the download.

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This is my last sim for the GOS Monthy Challenge.

This is Mykolas aka Crimson.

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One more word left, but here are Wild and Perfection

Jace (aka Wild)

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Soledad (aka Perfection)

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GOS is having a Monthly Sim Challenge.  I going with option C (5 Sim 1 Month Challenge - chose 5 prompts from the list and make 5 sims withing a month).

These are two of the five sims:

Ankita aka Moss

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Itsaso aka Ghost

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This house was originally done for Making that house yours..... contest at Black Pearl Sims, but I didn't have time to finish it by the deadline, so I am sharing it here.

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