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an an's recently made some Recolours of Holy Simoly's Bare Concrete Wall and I totally fell in love with them, so of course I had to make a house.

This is Saoire... she is a pain in the ass when it comes to taking pictures of her.
Saoire = P.I.T.A. )

This is her house...

+ about 20 pics )
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A new little house for my Heroin Heights neighborhood. It is a bachelor pad and a replica of Susieb's Trailer for One at Sims Crossing. I really like the simplicity of the little trailer so recreated for my neighborhood.

House 3 )
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This is another house I made for my Heroin Heights neighborhood.  I'm not sure who is going to move in here yet.

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There are strange going ons in Wido's house.

What do we have here...

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I am slowly moving all my favorite sims to my new Heorin Heights neighborhood.  I built Oz a new house. 

Picture of Oz, because I just adore her.

Oz' House

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Lately I've been working on Yumi and Jerzey's skins but that is not what I am posting today.  I just finished their house and I rather like the way it turned out.  PIC SPAM AHEAD.

Yumi & Jerzey, I think they are so cute together )

The House )

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I started a new neighborhood again. This is the first house from Heroin Heights (Three Lakes).  It has 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, Living Room, Kitchen/Dining Room and an Office that can be converted to another bedroom.  Very Very Picture Intense.

Outside )

Entry  )

Living Room )

Office )

Kitchen/Dining )

Bathroom )

Bedrooms )

Thanks to all the CC Creators, without you this house would not exist.

If you would like to test this house out, the link is below.  I'm still not sure how to delete all the recolor files.

I have all expansion and stuff packs.

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