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I made another house for the my Hallows Neighborhood.  This is the Reider's house.  I still have not finished the landscaping yet, because that is the least favorite part of a house for me to do.  The house has 2 bedrooms but I've only decorated one for right now.

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I hope everyone that celebrates Thanksgiving had a great one.  I spent mine at my dad's house, it is wonderful having him back in town.

I got to play around in Hallows Town this week (I have so enjoyed having a week off from work, I hope they do this again next year).  This is the biggest house I've made.  It has 4 bedrooms, 1 nursery, and 2 bathrooms.  I'm trying to make sure the my legacy sims will have a good choice of mates (so there is a lot of sprocket making going on right now)

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So, I have started adding families to Hallows Town.  I am actually letting my simmies create sprockets, which is kinda of instresting because I rarely have little simmies in my game.

(I did not create this house obviously, it's not in the shape of a box, I just redecorated it to suit me)

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I finished another house for my Hallows hood today, I think I need to start moving people in there now.

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I finished working on my founders house today.  To me it fills so empty, I don't think I've ever made a house that was so uncluttered.

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I have been working on my Hallows Town, hopefully when my turn comes (for the Halloween Round Robin) I will have a nice little community going.

So far I have made two houses, I know they are tiny and boxy but I still think they came out cute.

House 1:

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House 2:

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